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The Best Auto Loans


When looking at the best auto loans, they must, of course, have the lowest interest rates of all. Let’s face it, buying a car is expensive and unless you’ve got a lot of money to spend, you need some help.

The number one thing people struggle with when buying a car is getting a loan that is affordable to pay back. Some people qualify for an incredibly large auto loan and then, choose to spend it all. Although this might seem like something that you really don’t need, having a nice car is always a nice thing but paying it back, not so much. It is important to spend the money you intended to spend on your car and not more. With that in mind, the best auto loan companies will provide you with the perfect loan.


The Best Auto Loan Online Service

  • Cars Direct – As a well-known car buying service company, Cars Direct also helps you in obtaining the very best auto loan for the car you want to buy. Cash Direct provide a range of information about its competitor, as well as a loan calculator, a trade-in calculator, advise on the best car loans and car buying strategies. They are also quite savvy with the amount you can apply for. There is no minimum or maximum and you can apply for anything less than $5,000 to $10,000. They are also quite hands-on with customer service and will contact you with information regarding auto loans. This company is best for those who require a smaller-dollar auto loan, as well as those who consider refinancing.

The Best Auto Loan from the Bank

  • LightStream – As an addition of Sun Trust Bank, LightStream knows that most people seeking a loan, especially to buy a cat, tend to rely much more on a somewhat bank institution. They are thus a compelling option for those with a good credit score. With rates starting at 3.09% for both new and used cars, they offer some of the best loans for cars that are purchased from dealerships. Depending on your credit, Lightstream offers secured, as well as unsecured loans. In addition to their amazing services and benefits, they also have a 30-days $100 guarantee in which they pay you a $100 if you are unsatisfied with either their service or the loan. They are, however, very selective about their customers. You must obtain both excellent credit, as well as a steady and healthy asset and income status, to make the cut. Hence, they are the perfect choice if you do meet their requirements and will help you get a loan faster than most auto loan companies. They also provide loans for vehicles such as RV’s and motorcycles.

The Best Money Market Accounts for 2018

Also referred to as MMA’s, the top money market accounts are considered a much lower-risk investment option if you would like to build an emergency fund and store extra money. These tend to offer the best interest rates when it comes to saving money and even offer better rates than that of your savings account.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Having a savings account is already a savvy plan and great investment for the future. The best way to obtain the best money market account is by using online tools. It not only saves you money but assists you with an easy to use set-up when opening your account. It also advises you on your current balance and helps you with a range of choices to compare which are best for you.

Like any other account, there are still interest rates to be considered. This has been the case for all types of accounts globally, especially in the last decades. This is normal and needs to be added in order for the bank to collect money as well.

According to research, MMA’s interest rates have dropped to 0.52% at the start of 2012 to as little as 0.12% in 2018.

The very best money market accounts range between 1% or less APY. This is regardless of any deposit.

The Best in 2018

With a range of competitive options, Money Market accounts don’t disappoint. The best of the best include the following.

#1: Ally Bank MMA

Listed as number one, the Ally MMA is the perfect option for you. It includes a combination of both high-interest rates, to your advantage, and an easily understandable disclosure set up. It also includes a lot of benefits. With a 1% APY and no maintenance fees, Ally Money Market Accounts tends to impress. One negative factor may be that there is a limit of six withdrawals a month, but this is the same as with any Money Market account. ALLY does, however, allow unlimited ATM withdrawals. Benefits include competitive interest rates, check writing, 24/7 online access and mobile check deposits.

Money Market

#2 Sallie Mae MMA

As another best, Sallie Mae Money Market accounts are some of the most preferred MMA’s. With an interest rate of 1.5 % APY, this MMA might seem questionable to some but makes up for it in benefits. One such benefit includes that there is no deposit to be made, nor monthly fees to disrupt the balance of your account. In addition, they also offer a range of perks and services, all of which includes check deposits, check writing, competitive interest rates, a convenient mobile check deposit feature, as well as 24/7 online access. The only negative feature might be that there are no ATM withdrawals which might put some people off from Sallie but nevertheless, it’s still a good MMA.